About the Program


KDT SUMMER INTENSIVE (SI) is a month-long training program that offers contemporary technique, world Indigenous dance forms, alternative physical training systems, and artistic dialogue for investigating new dance performance.

A truly unique program in both content and structure, it is the only month-long training program in Canada delivered by an Indigenous performing arts production company. The objective of KDT SI is to expose participants to the hybrid dance methodology underpinning Artistic Director Santee Smith’s choreographic vision, which is situated at the intersection of Indigenous and new dance performance.

To join KDT Summer Intensive program please fill out the KDTSI_Application and e-mail it to leslie@kahawidance.org

Program Priorities

Diversity – By inviting different internationally renowned senior artists each year to share their unique and contrasting dance methodologies and movement languages with participants. We also emphasize diversity by attracting both Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants keen to develop the physicality to execute both Indigenous and non-Indigenous movement languages.

Flexibility – By offering a variety of registration options to cater to participant needs and interests. We provide drop-in classes for professional and/or senior working dance artists interested in continued physical and professional development; we provide tailored instructor packages for individuals interested in training with a particular artist/specialist; we provide a Creation Lab for individuals interested in digging deeper into their own creative process in a safe, enriching space; or full-time registration for pre-professional dancers who need extended training.

Rigor – By pushing participants to move beyond their physical comfort zones, challenging the mind and body to adapt, change and become more dynamic. The hope this that participants leave KDT SI inspired and enriched by their experience, and a more versatile dance artist.

KDT SI 2015  CREATION LAB – “Harvesting” led by KDT Founder/Artistic Director/Choreographer Santee Smith, Jorge Luis Morejón and Monique Mojica.

The 2015 10-day CREATION LAB – “Harvesting”, gathers artists to explore restoration and re-construction of dance, theatre and performance creation and practice. Led by international guest facilitator choreographer Jorge Luis Morejón , actor/playwright Monique Mojica and KDT’s Artistic Director Santee Smith, the LAB focuses on creative strategies for inter-cultural, inter-arts, inter-Indigenous work framed in Indigenous methodological and dramaturgical perspective. Facilitators and participating artists work together to build cultural memory, explore possibilities of restoration, engage in embodied practice, story/text generated from body, land and place.

KDT’s CREATION LAB is holistic and supports a healthy ecology for creativity and performance. The Lab is open to emerging to professional artists who are interested in exploration of creation practices. Multi-disciplinary artists interested in dance, theatre and performance are welcomed.

KDT SI is designed for participants possessing a foundation and/or experience in dance and performance.

Registration is open to:

  • Pre-professional and professional dancers
  • Experienced or emerging choreographers
  • Theatre actors and directors
  • Movement analysts
  • Performance studies researchers
  • Dance instructors/teachers

To learn more about the training program checkout the following video:

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Looking for a place to stay during KDT SI?

Unfortunately, KDT does not provide accommodation for the duration of the Summer Intensive. However, we can assist in helping you find affordable options in Toronto. Please contact us for more information.