About the Program


KDT SI is a unique training experience.

Each year Kaha:wi Dance Theatre creates a space for artists to deepen and transform their physical practice. The program supports process and discovery through activation and transformation of body, mind and space. KDT SI offers practical and philosophical tools for developing artists and artists who are focused on working from an embodied Indigenous knowledge base. Training methods include: world Indigenous dance and performance, contemporary techniques, physical training systems, performance training and artistic dialogue.

KDT’s Artistic Director Santee Smith curates the program, inviting an incredible team instructors to share their approach to movement and performance. By bringing together a diverse and expert instructors into one program, KDT SI is a distinctive training experience.

KDT SI supports the mandate of the company, to explore the intersection of Indigenous and new dance performance.

To join KDT Summer Intensive program please email info@kahawidance.org

Program Priorities

Cultural – KDT SI focus on dance and performance emanates from Indigenous knowledge and practice base. The exploration of Indigenous methodologies for physical training, dance, performance are explored throughout classes, dialogue and invited instructors perspectives.

Creativity – KDT SI investigates and cultivates tools to expand creativity and imagination from embodied practice.

Rigor – KDT SI motivates participants to challenge the mind and body, to adapt, change and become responsive, dynamic and honed. The goal is for participants to complete KDT SI with increased physical versatility, strength and prowess.

Diversity – KDT SI invites a diversity of national and internationally artists each year to share their unique and contrasting dance methodologies and approach to physical training with participants. KDT SI welcomes artists from diverse heritage to engage in sharing and learning.

Flexibility – KDT SI offers a variety of registration options to consider from drop-in classes to full program participation. KDT provides tailored instructor packages for individuals interested in training with a particular artist/specialist. Individuals interested in digging deeper into creative process can attend the Creation Lab.



KDT’s CREATION LAB – is holistic and supports a healthy ecology for creativity and performance. The Lab is open to emerging to professional artists who are interested in exploration of creation practices from an Indigenous perspective.

Each year the Creation Lab is lead by guest facilitators who offer a very specific look into the creation process. Past facilitators include: Charles Koroneho, Alejandro Ronceria, Monique Mojica, Jorge Luis Morejon, Frances Rings and Francisco Carrera.

Inter-disciplinary artists interested in movement and/or performance as a focus are welcomed to apply. Participants require experience in creation, direct and performing.

KDT SI and the Creation Lab are designed for participants possessing a foundation and/or experience in dance and performance.

Registration is open to:

  • Pre-professional and professional dancers
  • Experienced or emerging choreographers
  • Theatre actors and directors
  • Movement analysts
  • Performance studies researchers
  • Dance instructors/teachers


For more information:

To learn more about the training program checkout the following video:

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Looking for a place to stay during KDT SI?

Unfortunately, KDT does not provide accommodation for the duration of the Summer Intensive. However, we can assist in helping you find affordable options in Toronto and Six Nations. Please contact us for more information.